Astronauts are Revealing Their Secrets of Surviving Isolation along other People

Astronauts are Revealing Their Secrets of Surviving Isolation along other People

With the COVID-19 disease infecting people from all across the globe, space seems like the perfect refuge. But even so, some astronauts decided to isolate themselves as thousands of normal people are doing. This seems like the wisest decision in order to prevent the healthcare systems from being overwhelmed.

Therefore, knowing how to take advantage as much as possible from being isolated can help you a lot. Being forced to let go of certain activities you enjoy is not easy, and some astronomers are here now to provide you the best tips for coping with the long effort.

Read a book

And yes, it’s about a physical book. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have electronic books, and they didn’t complain about it. One astronomer named Kelly said that he took physical books with him in space, explaining the following:

“The quiet and absorption you can find in a physical book — one that doesn’t ping you with notifications or tempt you to open a new tab — is priceless.”


Astronaut Peggy Whitson said that she never was bored while isolating herself, and noted that communication is very important in this kind of situation:

“You need to be able to communicate effectively. First and foremost, that is the most important thing you have to be able to do,”

“We always have these ideas that we think we’re communicating and we have to make sure that our intent that’s hidden in our head is actually being communicated.”

Work as a team

Astronaut Anne McClain suggests that it is vital to take care of yourself and of your team. She says it’s important to be social, to ask for other’s opinions, and be open with your feelings and weaknesses. Also, not passing to the group your own stress and negativity is also an important part of the process.

There you have it, some very practical advices of how to deal with isolation. Do you have your own methods, by any chance?

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