Artificial Sweetener Impurity Sucralose-6-Acetate Under Investigation for Possible DNA Damage

Artificial Sweetener Impurity Sucralose-6-Acetate Under Investigation for Possible DNA Damage

Researchers from North Carolina State University carried out a study. They discovered that the artificial sweetener sucralose can result in the production of a chemical that is harmful to DNA and that can induce a leaky gut. According to the findings of the study, the regulatory and safety standards governing sucralose should be reevaluated.

The sweetener itself contains trace amounts of the molecule that is known as sucralose-6-acetate. These concentrations are quite low. A group of researchers from North Carolina State University had been the ones to carry out the investigation.

Susan Schiffman, the study’s corresponding author, provided the following explanation:

We found that sucralose-6-acetate is genotoxic and that it effectively broke up DNA in cells that were exposed to the chemical.

How much sucralose may be consumed without risking adverse effects?

Schiffman quotes the European Food Safety Authority as having an acceptable level of toxicological concern of 0.15 milligrams per person per day for all genotoxic chemicals.

Because there is growing evidence that sucralose is associated with considerable dangers, it is time for the regulatory authorities to reconsider whether or not it is safe to use. The findings of the researchers lead them to the conclusion that individuals should steer clear of items that contain sucralose.

In the wake of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement that aspartame poses a ‘potential cancer risk for humans,’ another artificial sweetener is currently being investigated for its potential to cause harm to DNA as well as the stomach. So, what can we assume to be safe these days, and how can we anticipate what can be harmful to our bodies?

Some people may find that reducing their use of sugar and increasing their usage of artificial sweeteners is an effective short-term strategy for managing or reducing their weight. Usually, sugar replacements do not provide any significant health risks. Consult with an expert on the course of action that is most appropriate for you to take in order to ensure that your well-being will not be compromised in any way.


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