An Art Historian Recognizes The Missing Monet Painting on Google Search

An Art Historian Recognizes The Missing Monet Painting on Google Search

A missing Monet painting from 1895 has been rediscovered by an art historian with the eyes of an eagle, during a routine Google Search. He found the painting in a private listing in New Orleans and recognized its value even if the postage included a stamp size picture.

Art historian or detective?

The 1895 Monet painting, Effet de Brouillard, has been rediscovered by Richard Thomson, art historian and currently curating the “Monet and Architecture” exhibition.

The lost painting will be displayed at the National Gallery in 2018 and that id all thanks to Professor Thomson. He was able to recognize the painting and to track down its current owner.

Professor Thomson discovered that the Monet missing painting has been sold back in 2007 during an auction by art gallery Christie’s and the price was 412,000 £. The then owners purchased Effet de Brouillard from an anonymous seller in 1989 in New York.

Effet de Brouillard: a missing gem

This painting has only been exhibited three times before and the listing of the art dealer’s website says that the possible places where it was previously displayed include London in 1874, Boston and New York in 1895.

The previous owners of the painting include Galerie Durand-Ruel. This gallery purchased the painting from Monet himself while in Paris in 1873. André Weil was also owner of the paiting and Arthur Tooth % Sons Ltd as well (since 1948). Mrs Donaldson Magill bought the painting in 1975.

It seems that not only Google Earth can help unravel mysteries; a simple Google Search suffices if done by the right person. The painting will be exhibited together with other 74 piece in the National Gallery exhibition.

Effet de Brouillard is one of 10 paintings depicting scenes of the place where Monet lived, in Argenteuil, near Paris.


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