Areas of Medicine With the Highest Demand For Physicians

Areas of Medicine With the Highest Demand For Physicians

With the continuous rise of modern technology, many people believe that robots might soon replace doctors. However, the coronavirus pandemic taught us that human health care providers are still irreplaceable.

The epidemic has put health professionals in demand across the globe. If you dream of becoming a doctor, this is both good and bad news for you.

On one hand, it’s good that a job awaits you after graduation and residency. Maybe having this as motivation will even help you pass the MCAT. On the other hand, it means your dream job will be harder than you could have imagined.

To be honest, until a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19 is found, every healthcare provider is valuable. But there are some areas of medicine that are currently more in demand than others.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency physicians are the most in-demand doctors today. Pandemic or not, they serve as frontliners who are first to address a myriad of medical issues with minutes of meeting a patient with very urgent healthcare needs

Recent circumstances have placed emergency doctors and staff in an unenviable position of dealing with urgent COVID-19 cases. But this only adds to the growing demand for ER physicians every day.


Surgeons are also in high demand nowadays because many are either down with corona or are already too exhausted or afraid to go to work. Still, other diseases have not been magically cured while the pandemic is ongoing, so people with other morbidities still require immediate medical attention.


For some reason, the world has an aging anesthesiologist population. It doesn’t seem to be a popular specialization choice for younger generations of doctors, which means demand is high.

Anesthesiologists ensure patients are not in too much, if not completely free of pain during the course of any medical procedure, surgical or otherwise. They play an indispensable role in medical care, hence the area is ever-growing.


In 2018, the Association of American Medical Colleges published a report entitled ‘Addressing the escalating psychiatrist shortage.’ This should tell you everything you need to know about the nation’s dire demand for doctors of the mind.

Speaking to a professional about mental health issues no longer bear the same amount of stigma as it did years ago (although not completely gone), but the ever-concerning problem of undetected and untreated mental problems can only be solved if there are enough psychiatrists who can step up to the plate.


Parents will put off going to the doctor as much as they can even when they already know something is wrong, but when it’s their kid that’s bothered with the smallest thing, they’ll be at the doctor’s office seeking a consult in a heartbeat.

Society’s natural protectiveness of children means there is never a surplus for pediatricians. No matter where you are in the world, there will be a demand for pediatricians.


Radiologists are some of the most underrated health professionals in the world. As such, the job market is always favorable for physicians who can diagnose illnesses by using x-rays and other imaging techniques like MRIs and ultrasounds.

Within this area of medicine, there are several subspecialties you can focus in, including cardigan imaging, neuroradiology, and emergency radiology, among others.

Radiology is an exciting field of medicine, because this is where humans and machines interact the most. With each technological advancement, medical imaging gets better and better. Therefore, radiologists who are comfortable around AI and emerging technologies are in demand now more than ever.

Medical Epidemiology

Epidemiologists are undoubtedly necessary during these trying times. We need geniuses on the frontlines to trace how the coronavirus transmits from person to person, and possibly help develop a cure.

This part of the medical field is perfect for someone who loves to investigate the causes and patterns of outbreaks. Medical epidemiologists usually work for the government or NGOs.

Depending on your field of interest and personal preferences, there is an area of medicine in this list that’s just right for you. However, don’t feel pressured to pick one now. Focus on getting into your dream med school, and just stow this list away somewhere — it might come in handy when you finally have to make the life-altering choice.

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