Are You Losing Your Hair? It Might Be Because Of The Pandemic!

Are You Losing Your Hair? It Might Be Because Of The Pandemic!

Doctors Noticed a massive increase in patients who have lost significant amounts of hair, and they believe that the phenomenon might result from stress provoked by the novel coronavirus.

Annrene Rowe was preparing her 10th wedding anniversary this summer when she observed a bald spot on her head.

The Loss

In the upcoming days, her hair started falling out in clumps, clogging up the shower drain.

“I was crying hysterically,” she said.

Rowe was hospitalized for nearly two weeks in April due to symptoms associate with the coronavirus, soon discovered suspiciously similar stories in online communities of COVID-19 survivors.

Many claimed that, a few months after contracting the virus, they started shedding immense amounts of hair.

Doctors claimed that they are seeing an increasing number of patients who manifest hair loss, a phenomenon they believe is related to the pandemic, affecting all people, regardless if they ever contracted the virus or not.

Naturally, some shed considerable amounts of hair after an intensely stressful period like illness, major surgery, or emotional trauma.

Currently, doctors say that many of the recovering COVID-19 patients are experiencing hair loss, not due to the virus itself, but due to the psychological stress of fighting it off.

Others are losing hair due to stress provoked by losing their jobs, financial strain, deaths of friends or relatives, and other consequences of the pandemic.

Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal, an associate dermatology professor from the Cleveland Clinic, said:

“There’s many, many stresses in many ways surrounding this pandemic, and we’re still seeing hair loss because a lot of the stress hasn’t gone away.”

Doctor Khetarpal claimed that, before the pandemic, he never saw a patient with this kind of hair loss.


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