Are Too Many Boys Being Born? What a New Study Claims

Are Too Many Boys Being Born? What a New Study Claims

Sure, a boy or a girl seeing the daylight for the first time is perhaps the most wonderful thing in the world. What else could possibly be more exhilarating and noble in the life of a human being than having a baby? That little human can provide tremendous help for society in the following years.

But if we look at things from a different perspective, many more boys being born than girls or vice versa could represent a demographic problem. Medical News Today reveals the concerning new findings of a team of researchers from universities and agencies from the US, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and India. They predict that the pressures from some cultures to abort female fetuses can skew the population demographics of countries to become unbalanced for the upcoming decades.

4.7 million fewer girls born globally by 2030

There could be a minimum of 4.7 million fewer girls born worldwide by 2030. There could also be as many as 22 million by the year 2100. The researchers raise awareness that the surplus of boys in the countries can cause a “marriage squeeze”. Last but not least, it can also increase violence and antisocial behaviour.

A report that the United Nations Population published in 2020 states the following:

The preference for sons over daughters may be so pronounced in some societies that couples will go to great lengths to avoid giving birth to a girl or will fail to care for the health and well-being of a daughter they already have in favour of their son.

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The new study appears in BMJ Global Health.


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