Are Diet Trends Really All that Good as They Seem to Be?

Are Diet Trends Really All that Good as They Seem to Be?

It seems that today, no matter where you look, you will find some form of diet plan out there. Since the food industry is a huge and diversified one, people tend to overindulge for a bit. This leads to weight gain which then leads them to try and find a way to shed those pounds. Naturally, they focus their attention on diets that promise to help them either lose weight or improve some other function of their body, like circulation or brain function. But are these diet trends really all that they crack up to be?
Type of dietary trends
If we look at all the famous diet plans out there, we see that they fall into three main categories: there are time restricted diets, diets that focus on particular food groups and diets that restrict calorie intake.
Food group diets
The problem with diets that focus on taking out some food group or another from a diet plan is that they do not mention that people faced with health conditions should not adopt them. For a healthy person, taking out carbs or another food group from their diet would be okay but this does not work on a long-term diet.
Classic diets
The logic that stands behind diets that limit calorie intake is pretty much irrefutable. If you eat less calories than your body burns, in theory your body will have to start burning calories from your stored fat. However, this does not mean that all calories are equal, since some cooked foods have calories that are easier to ingest and absorb than others.
Time restricted diets are a new addition to health trends. They usually refer to fasting, in which a person does not eat for a long period of time and then, in a specific span of time, he or she is allowed to “feast”. There have been small scale tests done that showed that this diet works but the findings are generally unreliable since they do not assess members from different age groups.


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