Apple iOS 11.3: iCloud-based Features with New Hints


In the future, Apple users on either iPhones or iPads might only need to remember their Apple ID to sign in to various website. It will surely be timesaving and you won’t need to remember all of your passwords and accounts!

Apple has recently confirmed that they have prepared an iOS 11.3 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and by the looks of it, it sounds like the update has a lot of new features.

The latest update that was pulled out of beta testing was iOS 11.2.5. Apple hasn’t confirmed the iOS 11.2.6 update, so the next in line could be the iOS 11.3. Jumping so far, it’s believed that the iOS 11.3 will come with a lot more features than the previous update, enhancements, patches and bug fixes.

Important Codes Found in iOS 11.3

On 9to5Mac, there has been a report on a new component found inside the iOS 11.3. They said that this component ‘suggests that Apple is working on a solution to allow users to log in to websites using their Apple ID’. The strings were found in SecureChannel, mentioning an authentication method through iCloud data. So, users might only need to provide their real name and an e-mail address.

The report on 9to5Mac also said that this string is similar to the Apple TV’s Single Sign-On option, allowing users to log into TV apps ‘after one initial sign in.’

Why Is Single Sign-In So Important?

So, iOS users might need to sign into the personal iCloud data and once you’ve done it, when browsing websites, you can log into them by giving them the permission to access that ‘personal iCloud data’ (which could be your name and your email address).

Single Sign-In is very important, because you won’t need a password manager and the login process will be faster.

Will This Feature Make It to iOS 11.3?

Another means with which you can sign in is using the camera app for scanning a QR code that will then ask for your Apple ID. But there are no other details about how it’s going to work.

We don’t know when this feature will be available or if it will go live after the tests, because Apple has been known to cut or push back a lot of features before releasing a stable version of iOS. But we think that this feature might actually make it, since the Apple TV option is out there, having the same goal of logging into all your favorite services with less headaches.


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