Apparently, Our Civilization Exists Thanks to Killer Comet

Apparently, Our Civilization Exists Thanks to Killer Comet

If you ever thought about how we came to be, it seems that our civilization couldn’t have happened without the help of a catastrophe.

The killer comet

About 13000 years ago a huge comet pummeled our Earth causing mass extinctions. The huge impact resulted in an ice age and it leads to the death of many species, including the wooly mammoth. However, we were able to survive it.

Because among the extinct species there were some of our predators, our dangers became fewer. That’s why we stopped running all over the place and started to settle. We began to develop agriculture and raise animals of our own.

This theory isn’t entirely new. Almost two decades ago Graham Hancock proposed something similar to this, although there are some who doubt its truth.

Our journey began in Turkey

Archaeologists who performed diggings in the southern part of Turkey came across a site which they feel represents the very first temple or at least the oldest found until now. Called Gobekli Tepe is 6000 years older than Stonehenge and 7000 years older than the Great Pyramid.

What makes it a great finding is the fact that, at the time (almost 12000 years ago) people were still nomads that didn’t know how to manipulate metal, to write or how to practice pottery. This temple required that a lot of people had to work together.

Somehow, they managed to cut huge stones that weighed approximately 16 tones. They had to shape and transport them as well, without using animals or wheels to carry them from one place to another. Another question is what lead them to band together, breaking a habit of solitude that lasted thousands of years.

In the end, we can make a connection between a catastrophic event represented by the comet and the start of a long-lasting civilization.


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