Anti-vaxxers Attack The Mothers Of Children Who Have Died Of The Flu

Anti-vaxxers Attack The Mothers Of Children Who Have Died Of The Flu

The anti-vaxxer trend is not fading away, and these people appear more and more aggressive. Mothers are advocating for vaccination after their children died of the flu, among other diseases that are vaccine preventable. However, they became a target of anti-vaxxers on the Internet.

Jill Promoli is a photographer whose two-year-old son died in 2016 because of the flu. Promoli became then an advocate of vaccines for flu prevention. Nonetheless, it appears that this enraged anti-vaxxers who sent her threats and insults, even claiming that she murdered her own child and the flu story is just a cover-up.

“The first time it made me feel really sick because I couldn’t fathom how anybody could even come up with such a terrible claim,’ Promoli explained. “It caught me off guard in its cruelty. What kind of a person does this?”

Anti-vaxxers Attack Mothers of Children Who Have Died of The Flu and Other Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Something similar happened to Catherine Hughes. Back in 2015, she lost her one-month son Riley to whooping cough. Unfortunately, Riley was too young for the vaccine and in his case, it was essential that the community around him was vaccinated. Sadly, that was not the case, as he lived in a city with incredibly low vaccination rates.

“Riley’s death was a very inconvenient truth for anti-vaccine activists,” Hughes explained. “The nasty messages started 24 hours after he died. They called us baby killers and said we would have the blood of other babies on our hands. We’ve been told to kill ourselves.”

Riley’s parents began a vaccination campaign named Light for Riley, but the abuse continued there as well. Anti-vaxxers addressed swear words to the Hughes family and threats on social media, especially on Facebook where the campaign was active.


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