Young Victim Was Injured By Carnivore Sea Lice At Melbourne Beach

Young Victim Was Injured By Carnivore Sea Lice At Melbourne Beach

Ending up in a hospital during the vacation days was the last thing the Australian teenager had in mind when he decided to swim in the Melbourne Beach.

Sam Kanizay, a 16 years old teenager, wanted to spend his afternoon in a relaxing way and the place he had in mind was Dendy Street beach from Brighton.  No one could have guessed what he was going to encounter there. Apparently, he came out covered in little marine animals only half an hour later realizing that the creatures were eating the boy’s flesh.

The fact that Sam’s legs were covered in blood after getting out of the water, apparently without any signs of pain, astounds even Alistair Poore, the marine expert from the University of New South Wales. He claimed that never in his life had he encountered a case like this one. Poore could offer a single explanation regarding the unusual event. He says that there is a high probability that sea lice could’ve caused the bleeding, but in order to do such harm, a great number of sea lice would be necessary.

Sometimes people mistake the bloody damages jellyfish can do with the other signs made by different marine creatures, but this isn’t the case, claimed Poore. It is even worse because when they got to the hospital they didn’t know how to stop the bleeding. Even marine experts didn’t know how to explain what could have possibly caused the severe bleeding.

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But soon an answer was offered by the child’s father. He tried to catch the creatures by luring them with meat and, surprisingly, he succeeded! He even filmed the little bugs while devouring the meat.

Experts offered a few possible answers; some say the ones who ate the flesh are amphipods, while others claim that the guilty creatures are jellyfish larvae. Until further results, the only certainty is that no one’s 100% sure of his answer so far.


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