What’s New about April the Giraffe’s Baby

What’s New about April the Giraffe’s Baby

In a little bit more than a month, the baby giraffe has grown big and strong. The baby has become famous ever since April, the mother, was pregnant with him. Tajiri, which is his name, means “hope” in Swahili, which is an eloquent name for him. Now he is 6.4 feet tall and he weighs 200 pounds. On the day he was born, April 15, he was 5.9 feet tall, which is amazing.

An Interesting Evolution

The baby is doing well, living together with April and Oliver, his dad. They all live at the Animal Adventure Park, found in upstate New York. You can visit the zoo every day from 10 AM to 5 PM if you happen to be around.

Tajiri is the fourth calf brought to light by April. The birth took place on April 15 at the privately owned zoo in New York. However, for Oliver it was the first calf.

The Giraffes Are Pretty Popular

Millions of visitors are expected at the zoo for the 5th season after April remained pregnant. April has become the host of the second most livestreamed channel in the entire history of the YouTube history. Within a timeframe of 7 weeks, there were 232 million live views recorded, which is incredible.

It was interesting to see how people want to be a part of this evolution, especially in a time when lots of celebrities and NGOs are fighting so much for getting attention for protecting animals. However, there have also been voices that are claiming zoos are not the best place to keep animals in. Even so, the interest is quite high for these relaxing places, and as long as the animals are offered everything they need and well cared for, there seems to be no problem.


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