A True Animal Friendship – A Dog Visits His Rat Friend’s Grave

A True Animal Friendship – A Dog Visits His Rat Friend’s Grave

A friendship between a dog and a rat is more sounding like a subject of a cartoon than a real-life thing. Well, Barlow, a dog, and Chippy, a hairless rat, were best friends in life and beyond, as it appears.

The dog was itself close to dying

Before being adopted by the McKenzie family, Barlow was at an adoption center, alone, with no family to take care of him and no friends to play with. Barlow was on the list for euthanization when Liza McKenzie adopted it. The dog has soon found its place as a family member in the McKenzies’ home.

Soon after Barlow’s adoption, the McKenzies were again disposed to adopt other pets. This time, they adopted three rats: Chippy, Dewey, and Mud Truck. Since the beginning, the hairless Chippy showed a different attitude regarding Barlow. Despite its brothers’ defensive attitude regarding the dog, Chippy was always trying to play with Barlow.

Soon, a true friendship was created between Barlow and Chippy.

The inevitable happened and Chippy died

As the life expectancy for rats is not higher than 2 years, the rats became to get sick and die, one after the other. The first ones to die were Mud Truck and Dewey, while Chippy got sick. In its last moments, Chippy was sitting next to Barlow’s belly and Barlow was as gentle as it could with its sick friend, according to the McKenzies.

Unfortunately, Chippy died and the family buried it in their backyard.

Barlow keeps visiting Chippy’s grave

The McKenzies decided to let Barlow say ‘Goodbye!’ to its friend hoping that the dog will understand that its rat friend will never return. Liza McKenzie filmed the stunning event considering it a memory that should be kept, even though it’s a sad one.

The dog was present when the family buried the rat in the backyard.

Now, every time he goes out for a walk, Barlow the dog visits his rat friend’s grave as he would miss his beloved friend.


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