The Last Northern White Rhinoceros Male, Sudan, Died

The Last Northern White Rhinoceros Male, Sudan, Died

The last northern white rhinoceros male, Sudan, died yesterday after the disease it had been suffering from for several weeks got worse, according to the Kenyan Natural Reserve of Ol Pejeta.

“His disease worsened significantly in the last 24 hours. It was unable to stand up and it was having a very bad time,” the Ol Pejeta reserve representatives said, who, together with the veterinary team of the Czech zoo Dvur Králové and the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS), decided to submit Sudan to euthanasia.

Sudan successfully recovered at the end of the last year from an infection in its right leg but at the end of this February it was discovered that the infection relapsed and that, this time, the condition was “much deeper”.

Since then, veterinarians have looked for ways to treat Suda and even to perpetuate the almost extinct northern white rhinoceros species but the complications of the infection Sudan’s leg, combined with the advanced age of the rhinoceros have condemned the animal to euthanasia.

Sudan was saved from extinction by a Czech zoo but returned to its homeland, Kenya

“Sudan will be remembered for its memorable and unusual life,” said the reserve’s representatives, who explained that in the 70s he managed to survive the extinction of his species and was transferred to the zoo Dvur Králové, in the Czech Republic.

At the end of his life, he managed to return to Africa, to the reserve located in Laikipia, in central Kenya.

Sudan reached great popularity after a campaign launched on the social network Tinder by the people in charge of Ol Pejeta in order to raise the 9 million dollars needed to develop the techniques of assisted fertilization.

For years, the poaching of these animals has contributed to their imminent extinction, as their horns are paid at prices higher than gold in the Asian market due to alleged healing and aphrodisiac properties.

Unfortunately, Sudan, the last northern white rhinoceros male died as its health condition got worse in the past days and forced the staff of Ol Pejeta reserve to euthanasiate it.


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