Sabrena, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Giraffe Has Died

Sabrena, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Giraffe Has Died

Sabrena was a popular and beloved giraffe from the Lincoln Park Zoo. She was 28 years old and she was euthanized on Tuesday. The difficult decision was made by the zoo’s staff after finding evidence of colic.

Sabrena received medical treatment, but her old and frail body did not respond to any medication. The giraffe was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo and only spent four years at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The average life expectancy of a giraffe is of 19, 5 years old; therefore Sabrena was well taken care of and lives for 28 years.

What to know about the Lincoln Park Zoo

If you are not familiar with this zoo, then you must know it is one of the oldest zoos in North America. Another particularity of this zoo located in Chicago is the fact that it has free admission, one of the few zoos in the U.S not to charge. There are a wide variety of wild animals which can be observed in the free zoo (1,100 animals from 200 species).

Another peculiarity of the Lincoln Park Zoo is the fact that inside the location, visitors can see an old burr oak tree, planted only three years before the city of Chicago was founded. The tree dates from 1830.

The African savanna section of the zoo has a subspecies of the giraffe family, called Rothschild’s giraffe. The species only has 1671 individuals left in the wild.

Sabrena, the giraffe was loved by the public because it always interacted with keepers; she loved outdoors and her training sessions. Her favorite food items were kale and browse honey locust, mulberry. After her death, only one female giraffe remains at the zoo. The species is regarded as vulnerable due to poaching and habitat fragmentation.


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