Quadruple-Amputee Golden Retriever – The Therapy Dog That Took the Internet by Storm

Quadruple-Amputee Golden Retriever – The Therapy Dog That Took the Internet by Storm

Not many dogs are lucky to lead good lives, but this bad story has a happy ending. This Golden Retriever found a forever home after she went through a terrible time.

Chi-Chi was found last year in a trash bag, outside a meat market in South Korea. Her feet were bound with cutting wires, but she was rescued. The team that rescued her considered euthanizing her, because her legs have been extremely damaged.

Chi-Chi’s Positive Spirit Saved Her Life

The rescuers were impressed by how happy she seemed and resorted to amputate her four legs and save her life. She was treated and found a home of her own in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chi-Chi got adopted by the Howell family and now lives with Elizabeth, Richard, their daughter and other three rescued dogs. They are all happy now and the Golden Retriever even got new prosthetic legs to help her walk and run like a normal dog.

After recovering, Chi-Chi began training for becoming a therapy dog for people with disabilities or special needs.

Making Other People Feel Loved

At first, she was hesitant around people, since she has a history of being abused, but she overcame fear and was transformed into a confident and important member of their community, giving back the love she has received since she arrived in Arizona.

Chi-Chi has finished her training and now can visit assisted living facilities, veteran’s centers and elementary schools for the special needs children.

Her family says that every time people meet Chi-Chi, they start crying when they see her legs and her happy face. Until now, Chi-Chi has gathered a huge fan-base on Facebook, gathering 35.000 followers on her personal account.

Chi-Chi’s purpose as a therapy dog is to increase compassion in people, also focusing on impacting children and showing that dogs don’t judge people by their looks or disabilities.

Elizabeth Howell said that ‘dogs can reach a person in ways humans can’t’, and we’ve seen it to be true.

Check out this YouTube video and see Chi-Chi’s entire story!

YouTube video


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