Pet Fish Rescue – Say No To Stress and Boredom

Pet Fish Rescue – Say No To Stress and Boredom

Okay, surely you agree that any application that calls itself Pet Fish Rescue is worth a quick glance, even much more so if we’re talking about a mobile game. The mobile game tends to win the favor of today’s mobile users quite easily, thanks to the stress relief they provide. If you’re looking for a mobile game that can help you get rid of boredom while you wait for something or someone, or just want to have some fun, you might be interested in Pet Fish Rescue. Let’s start off with the basics and see what this game is all about.

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Rescuing the pet fish

After just a quick inspection it’s easy to see why Pet Fish Rescue is named that way. The game is all about a mother fish and a baby fish that got separated in the pet shop. They are in different fish bowls, and they miss each other. Of course, you’re going to postpone homework or assignments, or family time, or going out, if it means you can save this poor fish family from complete depression. But how do you do that?

Playing the game

The game is quite easy to play. It follows the match three type gameplay which has made other games very accessible and its developers productive. You need to match three elements on the screen so that a puddle is created out of the fish bowls that you break as a result. With these puddles, you create a pseudo-bridge that lets the baby fish make its way to the momma fish. Sometimes it might feel like the baby fish isn’t moving fast enough as you start to lose your patience, but in the end, it’s very gratifying when you see it get closer and closer to its mom.

Is that all?

Of course not! There are a lot of other things that spice up the gameplay. For instance, you have power-ups which act as temporary advantages. In other words, you get small windows of opportunity where, if you get these power-ups, you can advance through the game at a highly increased rate.

Another mechanic involves different types of fish that come to your aid. The puffball fish or the porcupine fish will provide various kinds of help and support. Think angry birds, but with fish! You’re going to need to learn how these fish variations impact the game if you want to advance as much as you can because they play a significant role in the game’s progression.

Final words

So in the end, is it worth the time? Most certainly! It’s just the kind of game you would expect to take you away and consume a good chunk of your day. It’s perfect for when you want to have a little fun before dinner or in the car on your way to an event. The best part about it is that you can pick it up and put it down almost instantly, so you don’t have to commit more than you want to.


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