This One-Legged Dog Learns to Walk Again After Getting Three Prosthetic Limbs

This One-Legged Dog Learns to Walk Again After Getting Three Prosthetic Limbs

This dog is learning to walk again after it had three legs amputated. Glory is a 4-year-old cross breed that had to go under surgery after she was savagely beaten by thugs.

She was a stray dog in Romania and lived in Bacau, 200 miles west of the Black Sea. She was being take care by a local who fed her. The man worked at a factory and after he was gone for a week, Glory got beaten by a gang of thugs. Unfortunately, vets weren’t able to treat her severely wounded legs, so they had to amputate 3 of her paws.

Glory Found a Forever Home And Got New Paws

Glory’s story reached the online media, posted by the animal charity on their website. The pretty dog soon touched the hearts of people and 2,000 miles away, she would find her forever home.

Vanessa and Roger from Carlisle, Cumbria paid the vaccination for their future pet and then traveled to Romania to get her home. The couple raised funds for their pet and gathered and astonishing amount of money: £4,000.

The money allowed them to buy Glory prosthetic legs. Vanessa remembers the first time Glory tried to walk on her new legs. She was at first wobbly, but she started walking for a bit.

A Brave Little Dog

At the moment, Glory is wearing her legs three times a day for a few minutes to get accustomed to the whole new gear. ‘She seems very happy with them,’ says Vanessa.

The legs were bought from Gloucester firm Orthopets. The technical director of the firm, Rod Hunt, said that walking with these legs is a long term project, and that Glory won’t just start immediately running around.

It seems that in Europe this is the first triple prosthesis, and we will just have to wait and see how she gets around. The experts at the firm will keep a close watch and make any required adjustments.

Glory will have a whole new life once she figures out how to use her new limbs!


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