Newborn Lemur Babies From The Cincinnati Zoo Will Melt Your Heart

Newborn Lemur Babies From The Cincinnati Zoo Will Melt Your Heart

The population of the endangered ring-tailed lemurs has doubled at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden with the birth of three lemur babies. The ring-tailed lemurs are the most charismatic and easily recognizable species since they can be encountered in the zoos.

The Main Attraction of The Zoo

Until now, visitors came to see Fiona the hippo, who was prematurely born on 24 January and became a star. She will definitely share the spotlight after the birth of these three little fur balls.

Lemur Population Has Declined

The ring-tailed lemurs are a preserved species and North American Zoos try their best in the conservation of this species. Because of the destruction of their habitat, lemurs are endangered and their number has declined. A few numbers are still in the wild, in protected areas, in the southern and southwestern Madagascar forests. They live in a social group of almost a dozen and are led by a dominant female.

Bob Lessnau worked years on the field with this species and now he’s taking care of the animal division in the Cincinnati Zoo. He said that it is crucial to stabilize the ring-tailed lemur population because the one which is in the wilds is in danger.

The Lemur Babies Can Be Visited

30 years have passed since the last lemurs have been born in the Cincinnati Zoo. On 28thof July, Izze the five-year-old lemur gave birth to a baby lemur and another lemur of 3 years old named Willow gave birth to twins on 31 July.

Both lemurs came to the Cincinnati Zoo last year through a breeding program and now they have become mothers for the first time.

Visitors can see them all, including their first-time dad named Ivan, at the Lemur Lookout, at the CincinattiZoo& Botanical Garden, from Ohio, the second oldest zoo in the United States of America.



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