How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy Over the Years

How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy Over the Years

Although having a dog in the house can be one of the most wonderful things in life, owning such a pet also comes along with some important responsibilities. In other words, you need to take good care of your canine friend if you want it to be happy and healthy and appreciate you back over the years.

Training your dog is an important part of owning such a pet, and even the simple act of choosing the right dog for you and your household can be complicated enough if you don’t do your research. But let’s say you’ve found your future canine friend that’s right for you. Well, guess what? You should always consider the animal’s needs and demands throughout the years if you want it to be healthy and happy. Let’s get into more detail:

Regular exercise

Just like humans, dogs also need to move around from time to time to keep their minds healthy and stimulated. This means that you must take your dog for walks daily, get some toys to play with, and even become a partner in your animal’s entertainment activities, such as playing fetch. Dogs love to play and run, and if they don’t get the chance to do so, they can become unhealthy and very frustrated.

Regular checkups at the vet

It’s mandatory to get your dog to the vet from time to time for regular checkups, even though your animal seems fine. You may never know when your furry friend might have a certain health condition that needs attention, even if it doesn’t manifest, just like in the case of us humans! Besides, don’t forget that animals can’t tell you if something bothers them, which is another strong argument to get your dog to the vet for regular checkups.

Dogs need vaccinations, preventive care, as well as early detection of any possible health issues, and a professional veterinarian can certainly help in those areas.

Providing a good diet

Once again, we must emphasize that animals need a lot of stuff that we humans do, and that also includes what they eat. This means that it’s also crucial to get your dog high-quality and balanced food that’s also appropriate for those animals’ size, breed, and age. If your dog constantly wants some of your food, that’s normal, and it doesn’t automatically mean that your food is also good for these animals. You must avoid giving your dog human food, especially when it comes to items that can prove to be toxic for animals, such as onions, chocolate, and certain artificial sweeteners.

Good dental care

If you care about the overall well-being of your puppies, you cannot neglect the dental care part. The health of your dog’s teeth is extremely important, and you can definitely help your animal in that area. You can offer chew toys to foster oral health, provide dental treats, and more.

Another good method is to schedule professional dental cleanings based on your vet’s recommendations.

Love and attention

Dogs, as pets, need to feel loved by their owners. Therefore, you should always try to prove affection to your dog and engage your animal in playful and fun activities to strengthen that bond between you two even more. The simple act of taking your dog for a walk at least two times a day will be appreciated a lot by your canine friend. He sees you as the resource for his food and attention and the key to getting out of the house and directly into the fresh air. There are few things that dogs love in life more than simply getting out of the house and enjoying the smell of nature.

Monitoring behavior changes

Just like in the case of humans, any sudden behavior changes in animals could indicate a potential health problem. If your canine friend doesn’t enjoy going out anymore, doesn’t eat as much as before, or is very angry toward people and other dogs, those are behaviors that should definitely make you wonder if something is wrong. Furthermore, you must seek veterinary advice as soon as possible if you notice anything unusual going on with your pet, as delaying such a meeting can only make the situation worse. Don’t just say to yourself that everything will be okay in the end and, therefore, avoid taking your dog to the vet.

Assuring a safe and comfortable environment

Your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable in its shelter, and it’s your duty as a dog owner to ensure everything your animal needs. In other words, it’s best to establish a cozy, warm, and safe place for your dog to sleep and rest. You need to remove any hazards if that’s the case, and also take into account that your animal also needs silence in order to get a good sleep, just like us. The similarities between dogs and humans are endless!

Regular grooming

Establishing a grooming routine is also important, and it needs to be done in accordance with the breed, activity level, and coat length of your animal. In this case, the process could include bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. By regular grooming, you can even prevent skin issues in your dog.

Each dog is unique in its own way, which means that these animals’ needs may vary from dog to dog. Above all, open communication with your vet is essential for establishing the best possible care plan for your pet.



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