How the ‘Hedgehog Highway’ Encourages Wildlife

How the ‘Hedgehog Highway’ Encourages Wildlife

If you’ve never heard of a highway for hedgehogs, don’t be upset. Neither did we until we found out about the apparently insane idea put into practice at the Hygge Park development in Keynsham. Crest Nicholson and Tyler Grange ecologists believed that it’s a good way of encouraging more wildlife in the area by constructing just that: the “hedgehog highway”.

The “highway” will help the tiny and cute creators to wander freely during nighttime and between gardens, keeping them safe and making it easier for the animals to avoid roads. The news is brought by, and we can consider ourselves lucky to witness such an innovation. The setting offers special treatment for other animals as well, including nesting boxes for birds and bats, as well as ‘bug mansions’.

“Hedgehog’s are crucial to Britain’s ecosystem”

Tracey Gallacher, who is Head of Sales and Marketing at Crest Nicholson South West, declared:

A simple measure like the hedgehog highway is one example of the work that we’re undertaking, and it will allow the hedgehogs to find food and shelter safely.

The highways are a key part of our sustainability promise so we’re also introducing them to our other sites and hope that our residents enjoy the sight of one of Britain’s indigenous animals.

Dale Cooper, an associate at FPCR, also added an important comment:

Hedgehogs are crucial to Britain’s ecosystem, and are a very good biological pest control for gardens as they enjoy slugs, snails and insects.

Unfortunately, multiple studies have shown that hedgehog populations have declined significantly in recent years, with road deaths one of the primary causes.

Cooper also added that the highway could play a crucial role when it comes to the conservation of hedgehogs, as it improves habitat connectivity. The structures also allow the animals to have access to more food and shelter that are needed for sustainable populations from urban areas.

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