The Hippo Deaths from Bwabwata National Park Were Caused by Anthrax

The Hippo Deaths from Bwabwata National Park Were Caused by Anthrax

At the Bwabwata National Park, located in North East Namibia, Kavango West region, there were massive deaths of animals – 110 hippos and 20 buffalos. It was confirmed by the ministry of environment that the hippos died of anthrax.

The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture are Solving this Issue

Romeo Muyunda, the spokesperson from the ministry of environment announced in a statement that together with the ministry of agriculture and their respective veterinary department will search for a method in containing such an outbreak.

The area that was affected will be visited by officials from the veterinary department and by the parks and wildlife directorate from the ministry of environment in order to better assess the situation.

Romeo Muyunda didn’t know any other details on other hippos’ deaths that happened inside the country and he isn’t sure if the Botswana government started or not working on a solution for containing this issue.

News from the international media, such as ‘New China’ have reported that the Botswana officials – the ministry of environment, wildlife and tourism to be more exactly – have started their investigation regarding this problem.

Romeo Muyunda added in his statement that the carcasses of the dead animals were burned and their ashes were buried. The ministry of environment is urging people not to touch the carcasses or consume the meat, because it’s a health hazard. The Anthrax bacteria is known to be fatal to animals and humans.

Tourists Visiting the Bwabwata National Park are Safe

When it comes to tourists that are visiting the Bwabwata National Park, the ministry assures all visitors that they are at no health risk, as the situation is under control. The areas in which the deaths of the animals happened are not open to tourists, it’s open only to the management. The ministry believes that other wildlife species will not be endangered by the bacteria.


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