Hiker’s Unusual Discovery – Rare Bobcat Kitten


A few days ago, a hiker managed to come in contact near San Francisco with a bobcat kitten, which is very unusual because these kinds of rare kittens rarely go too far without being in the close proximity of their mothers. Even Alison Hermance, communications director at WildCare (a hospital that takes care of wild animals), admitted that it was a rather unusual discovery.

Bobcats aren’t seen by humans very often, especially at a young age. They are crepuscular animals and mostly live in southern Canada and some parts of the United States.

The hiker was out a few days ago and he was walking his dog when he began to hear unusual noises. The moment he turned his back to check on the noises, he saw a kitten that was barely walking on its four little paws. The hiker sensed the fact that the kitten needs help but he didn’t know what exactly he held in his hands. When he took to the ranger station for examination, they figured that there was a bobcat kitten the hiker saved.

Unfortunately, the bobcat kitten could not be returned to its mother because the rangers couldn’t have possibly known where the mother is or why is the kitten wondering around near a busy area where it could be so dangerous for it. This is why they decided to deliver the small hunter to Wild Care. The kitten was then examined at the wildlife hospital and the vets came to the conclusion that the four-week old kitten is just dehydrated. They took great care of the small animal and they even cuddled it. However, vets say that is very important to keep in mind the fact that, even if the animal might appear as a cute cuddly thingy, it is, in fact, a hunter that belongs to the wildlife for a reason.

The kitten was then transferred to Sierra Wildlife Rescue to get used to bobcats. If everything goes smoothly, the kitten should be able to return to the wilderness by October.


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