Giraffe Calf Makes First Public Appearance at Dallas Zoo

Giraffe Calf Makes First Public Appearance at Dallas Zoo

Baby animals are simply the cutest, everyone knows that. This is why many were excited when Tsavo, a giraffe calf that was born just a few weeks ago, made his first public appearance ever at the Dallas Zoo. This happened on Wednesday, and it was done with the occasion of World Giraffe Day. Yes, that’s totally a thing, and we love it already!

Tsavo the Giraffe Calf

Although Tsavo is barely one month old, he managed to hold his own during his first public appearance. Needless to say, all the people that witnessed his premiere apparition were excited and in complete awe. He’s just so gosh darn cute! And he’s only three weeks old too, which makes him extra adorable.

When he was born, Tsavo was a normal sized, healthy giraffe baby. He was 5’11” tall, which already is as much as some fully grown human adults. And he weighed a healthy 150 pounds, which is pretty good for his height. All in all, Tsavo is one happy and healthy giraffe calf, and we’re glad to see him enter this world.

Harrison Edell, the VP of Animal Operations and Welfare at the Dallas Zoo, gave a statement to the press expressing how the occasion of World Giraffe Day was just the right moment to introduce Tsavo to the public. What is more, Edell reassured everyone that momma giraffe knows what she’s doing. In fact, Tsavo is her third baby, so she’s been through it all before and knows the ropes for this entire motherhood experience.

Other than that, all is fine at the Dallas Zoo. Tsavo’s introduction to the world was a nice occasion to celebrate, and now things are back to normal during visiting hours. If you want to see Tsavo yourself, don’t hesitate to go today.

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