Giraffe From Alipore Zoological Garden Dies While Being Transported to the City Zoo

Giraffe From Alipore Zoological Garden Dies While Being Transported to the City Zoo

The Nehru Zoological Park is grieving, as their young female giraffe died in an unfortunate accident.

This tragic event has been explained by the senior forest official, who officially confirmed the death of the animal.

It seems that the giraffe was about to be transported from the Alipore Zoological gardens, Kolkata. Meanwhile, she panicked in her cage as workers started welding after the animals were loaded on a flat-bed trailer.

An Unfortunate Accident Takes Away the Giraffe’s Life

The welding meant fumes and sparks and the giraffe became agitated and tried to escape the cage. She jumped out of her cage which was on a trailer and slipped, falling to the ground. The fall was deadly, she had neck and leg injury, and she immediately died.

Officials stated that the ones in charge with ‘transporting animals in Alipore zoo forgot the fact that giraffes are sensitive and social animals. They should have finished all the work before shifting the animals in the truck.

It was indeed an unfortunate event that ended with the death of one giraffe who was about to go to the city zoo in the exchange programme.

The officials also said that the pairs of giraffes would have reached the city and visitors would have been able to see them by now, if the accident hadn’t occurred. The Alipore Zoo were shocked to see the accident and will send another pair of giraffes in February, next year. The city has already received a pair of salt water crocodiles from the Alipore Zoo.

At the moment, the Alipore Zoo houses nine giraffes. The Nehru Zoo exchanged for the crocodiles and the giraffe a pair of jaguar, lion and three pairs of mouse deer.

The city zoo only has a giraffe, which is 13-years old and is a male called Tsunami Basanth. He has lived alone in the zoo since 2009, when he arrived from the Delhi Zoo.


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