Experts Demand Extra Carefulness with Chickens Amid Salmonella Outbreak

Experts Demand Extra Carefulness with Chickens Amid Salmonella Outbreak

Being affectionate with cubs and animals, in general, is something normal, but that kind of behaviour can actually be pretty harmful. It’s not us claiming it, but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) itself. More precisely, the government agency warns against kissing and snuggling chickens because of the danger of Salmonella.
The worrying news comes from New York Post, and it reminds us all once again how vulnerable we can be in the face of diseases. Not only that someone can become infected with Salmonella after contact with animals, but the disease can also be transmitted from person to person.

The warning comes amid a nationwide salmonella outbreak in the US

The CDC made it very straightforward by declaring:

Don’t kiss or snuggle backyard poultry, and don’t eat or drink around them,
This can spread Salmonella germs to your mouth and make you sick.

Luckily enough, there is still hope for those who don’t have any other choice but to touch the poultry. For avoiding infection, a solution is to frequently wash the hands and keep sanitiser near coops, according to the CDC.

The agency also reveals that in the last year alone, there were 17 multi-state salmonella outbreaks linked to contact with backyard poultry. The most vulnerable group in the face of the disease is represented by children, as they have to face severe illness or hospitalization. About a third of those who became ill in recent cases were children under the age of 5 years old.
The CDC also released the following important statement:

The number of illnesses reported [in 2020] was higher than the number reported during any of the past years’ outbreaks linked to backyard flocks.

Fortunately, most people who get infected with Salmonella recover within four to seven days without the need to take antibiotics. However, antibiotic treatment is still recommended for people who experience severe illness from the disease.


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