East of Kelowna People Endangered Because Of Wildfire

East of Kelowna People Endangered Because Of Wildfire

On this Tuesday afternoon, many people faced an incredible threat that pulled them out of their houses. The locals from Kelowna had to be taken out of their houses in other to protect their lives because an incredible wildfire suddenly occurred.

Around 1:30 p.m a wildfire was reported only 20 kilometers away from the city. Because the threat was so close and strong, some safety measurements just had to be taken by the officials. Among the aforementioned is the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations which was responsible for evacuating the people whose properties were too close to the large fire.

Fortunately, the authorities observed that the wild fire was expanding pretty fast and this is why they took immediate action. In spite of the fact that they took action in the endangered area in a matter of minutes, over 450 properties and 1000 people were affected by the disastrous event.

Melanie Morin, B.C. Wildfire Service information officer, stated that the fire managed to progress a few kilometers in several hours. Many local authorities (such as fire departments from Kelowna, so on and so forth) are now at place where the wildfire started; their purpose is to examine what could have possibly caused the fire.

The areas that have been evacuated include the following roads: Schram, Dion, Goudie, Thelwell, Daves, Philpott Forest Service , Hawk, Sun Valley, Falconridge, Goshawk, Peregrine, Three Forks, Greystokes, Huckleberry and Falcon.

During the wildfire people posted images of the disastrous event on social media claiming that the very strong wind doesn’t really help and that they are very concerned for the people who live in the east of Kelowna. The smoke was what amazed the people that were just standing by and watching how it was growing. But besides all these, both ways were congested at that time, people were forced to stop their cars and witness the force of nature.

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