“Birds Aren’t Real” – Another Conspiracy Turns Out Real – Check Out Reuters’ Latest Reports

“Birds Aren’t Real” – Another Conspiracy Turns Out Real – Check Out Reuters’ Latest Reports

You might have probably heard at least once in your lifetime the conspiracy theory that states the fact that “birds are not real.” Well, take a look at the news below.

Another conspiracy manifests itself

Scientists in New Mexico are giving dead birds a new life with an unconventional approach to wildlife research — converting them into drones.

EuroNews posts the following:

Researchers in the US have taken an unconventional approach to wildlife monitoring using dead birds.

Mechanical engineering professor, Dr Mostafa Hassanalian, is leading a project at New Mexico tech to kit out the taxidermy birds with drones to give them a new mechanical lease of life.

Hassanalian completed two Masters degrees on flapping wing drones, which he developed with artificial material.

“Now we can use re-engineered birds and dead birds and make them as a drone. And the only thing that we need to provide them to make them alive, is to basically design an attrition mechanism, put in their body, and everything is there,” he explained.

“So, they have their tail, they have their wings, they have their head, the body, everything is there. So we do reverse engineering,” Hassalian added.

He and his team analyzed the weight, flapping frequency, and angle of the bird when it was alive in order to create something similar.

Here’s another interesting post via Twitter:

Someone commented: “This is extremely horrible and dystopian for reasons that are difficult to articulate off-the-cuff. However, the bottom line is, it’s pretty gross. I’ll be certain never to willingly give my money to any of you. Hope your next grant proposal gets rejected.”

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  1. Why are you re-anamating dead birds? Your playing God!!! I think it’s just downright horrible & disrespecting the dead birds & what’s next? What other dead animals will be re-animated & turned into scary looking half dead drones?????? It’s like the old saying “like a bat outta hell”!!! Please leave well enough alone!!!


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