Baby Elephants Get Cozy in Woolly Jumpers

Baby Elephants Get Cozy in Woolly Jumpers

Winter has arrived in South East Asia and baby elephants get cold easily. Lek Chailet, from the Save Elephant Foundation explained that massive cold comes from Chine to countries such as Thailand, Myanmar Cambodia.

Baby elephants must be protected from the cold weather

Several sanctuaries have been trying to keep their baby elephants warm and the Baan Lao sanctuary in Myanmar was no exception. Temperatures have been dropping to 0C and even lower.

A spokesman of the sanctuary explained for the BBC that the workers kept fires burning at night to ensure the animals stay warm.

Save Elephant Foundation saves elephants from trekking industries and struggles to rehabilitate them. Volunteers from the Blankets for Baby Rhinos international group have created colorful and warm jumpers for the orphan animals. These animals were left orphan due to illegal wildlife trade.

Adult elephants also received cozy jumpers

In Chian Mai, Thailand the workers of the Elephant Nature Park declared that the winter temperatures are hard to bear by elephants. In that region, temperatures dropped to 8C and older female elephants received warm blankets to help them bear through the cold mornings.

The internet broke down

Photos of baby elephants in jumpers were published and the internet could not handle the cuteness. Images of adult female elephants wearing blankets made some internet users to write hilarious comments. A woman wrote that the girls were wearing a wonderful collection of this winter.

These animals have already gone through so much and many of them are orphan and have been victims of a scrupulous trade. Places such as sanctuaries are the perfect place where animals can get rehabilitated and experience a new and happy life.
Cold winters are just one of the many obstacles park carrers have to deal with.


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