April the Giraffe To Have Another Baby Calf

April the Giraffe To Have Another Baby Calf

You all know April, the giraffe, right? If not, we have prepared a video with April and her baby calf, named Tajiri.

But first, let’s see what all the fuss is about!

Giraffes are a species that could go extinct, so having them in Adventure Parks and creating a good environment for them to give birth is the main goal: to preserve and conserve the species.

The Giraffe Camera Shows the Birth of Little Calf Tajiri

April had last year given birth to Tajiri, a baby boy giraffe, after almost 16 months of pregnancy. And the whole world saw it all on a ‘giraffe cam’. The video with Tajiri being born and then walk and meet his mom became very popular, having worldwide impact.

Since it drew so much attention, the park owner, Jordan Patch stated in an interview that they released the videos and pictures with the newborn calf in order to inform the world of the giraffe extinction. And he succeeded in also gathering funds through a naming contest for the baby boy giraffe. The money they gathered went to Africa, to help the local conservation efforts.

The great news is that April has been cleared for pregnancy on October 12, meaning that she is ready to have another baby with father Oliver. The Animal Adventure Park, New York, has posted a photograph with the two giraffe parents, adding the description: ‘Mark your calendars – love is in the air!’

PETA Disagrees with The Animal Adventure Park Decision Making

But a lot of people and the officials from PETA have questioned this decision, saying that it might be too soon for April to have another calf and it might affect her health. They worry that the Animal Adventure Park is prioritizing fame and getting money for their needs and didn’t care about the welfare of the animals. They also called it a ‘shameful giraffe-breeding program’ that should be stopped.

Here is the video with the birth of Tajiri, which took place on 15 April 2017:

What is your opinion, do you think April is ready to have another baby, or not? Let us know in the comments below.


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