April the Giraffe Is Pregnant Again But PETA Disapproves

April the Giraffe Is Pregnant Again But PETA Disapproves

The famous giraffe that gave birth to an adorable calf called Tajiri, is ready to get pregnant again! Two weeks ago, the Animal Adventure Park, New York, has posted on their official Facebook page a photograph with April and Oliver, Tajiri’s parents. Along with the photograph, there was a description according to which ‘love is in the air’ for the giraffe couple.

PETA is Against the ‘Shameful Breeding Program’

But not everyone had a positive reaction. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA, was critical of the park’s decision and called it a mistreatment of animals. They reached this conclusion after the video with Tajiri’s birth went viral. Apparently, the Animal Adventure Park got a lot of money off those views and, by reaching so much fame, they would continue their ‘shameful’ breeding program, not taking into consideration April’s welfare.

The park owner, Jordan Patch, was fast to react and said that all they did was to encourage giraffe conservation and that they saw it as an educational platform. They had a say in giraffe extinction and made people aware of this issue. With the money they gathered, they funded conservation of the species in Africa.

The naming of their first calf was done through a contest to raise money to donate for giraffe conservation and for a local fundraiser for ill children.

Jordan Patch added that they had a chance to act and fight for conservation of the giraffe species, while PETA is only fighting to attack their efforts.

If you haven’t seen the video of Tajiri’s birth on the giraffe cam, here it is:

YouTube video

The baby boy calf takes his first steps and meets his mom, April. Now you understand why the video got viral and why people wanted to see more about Tajiri and April.

What is your opinion? Tell us in the comments below what you think: is April ready or not to have another baby calf?


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