Animal Adventure Helps April, the Giraffe Star

Animal Adventure Helps April, the Giraffe Star

In case you didn’t know, Animal Adventure is the home of the recently famous giraffe, April. Recently they have made a consistent donation of $30,000 for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). Harpursville park published a news release recently, and they described the GCF in a very positive manner. As such, it seems that they are the only NGO (non-governmental organization) in the world that focuses specifically on the conservation, as well as management of giraffe, in Africa, in the wild.

Giraffes Need Protection

The keepers who work at the Animal Adventure claim that the species is currently in jeopardy. Moreover, the GCF needs more support now than ever. Jordan Patch, who is the park owner, declared that the team is thrilled to have the possibility of assisting the GCF in the mission they have. They are also grateful for the people who are supporting their efforts and who made the entire contribution possible.

According to the park, all the funds are going to the GCF final goal, that of building a sustainable future for all the giraffes that are living in the wild.

April, the Giraffe Star

April has become a worldwide sensation after the entire globe could watch her giving birth live on the Internet. The giraffe family, made up of April, Oliver and their son Tajiri, are now favorites at the zoo and loved by people from all around the world. If initially the cam was live many hours a day, the zoo management decided to stop it.

However, after receiving lots of requests, they had to put the camera back on, and now it is available for viewing several days a week. As such, you can be a part of the giraffe family and observe how they live and grow together. Moreover, you can donate for them and help the zoo sustain their lifestyle.


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