Aboo The Lost Giant Tortoise Was Found After Two Weeks

Aboo The Lost Giant Tortoise Was Found After Two Weeks

Just a few days ago, on August the 1st the employees from an animal park from Japan were desperate to find one of the kindest and gentlest animals from there.

With the help of the security footage, they saw that one of the giant tortoises simply walked away through the gates from its cage. Most of us might be wondering how can you lose a giant animal that walks incredibly slowly? Well, it appears that this thing was possible for the Japanese employees. Moreover, the giant tortoise, named Aboo, couldn’t be found for 2 whole weeks!

When the staff got scared of the fact that their animal might have been kidnapped or in danger, they asked for help, offering a 4.500$ reward for those who find it or have any information about where it could possibly be.

And it worked because just yesterday, a bounty hunter contacted the employees and offered them precious information. He said that only 140 meters away from the park, more specifically the Shibukawa Animal Park from Okayama, the giant tortoise was relaxing under some bushes. When Seiichi Tona and his son, Akira, found out about the reward they began looking for it. Only 15 minutes lasted their hunt because they easily spotted the tortoise, which is over 1 meter and weighs over 50kg.

The 35 years old Aldabra giant tortoise was found in perfect condition, only a little bit hungry. It was returned to the animal park and now the staff is taking some measures regarding security. It is also the second time the rebel tortoise manages to get through the gates of the animal park.

The employees surely do not want to get through something like this again, but the two locals who found the tortoise consider themselves very lucky. It is something to remember, the 15-year old boy said.

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