Were The Ancient Peruvians With Elongated Skulls Descendants Of Aliens?

Were The Ancient Peruvians With Elongated Skulls Descendants Of Aliens?

Since the first elongated skulls have been discovered on the actual Peru territory, dozens of theories and conspiracies emerged. Some people believe that the ancient Peruvians with elongated heads were aliens or, at least, human-alien hybrids. The answer, however, is not what many alien fans would expect.

In reality, the skull elongation practice has been a very common one in those ancient time. As evidence, there have also been discovered such elongated skulls in North America, Europe, Africa, and even Asia.

This practice, however, has been proven to be a very common and special habit in ancient Americas region and Egypt. It was also a normal habit for the tribes in Central Africa.

The way ancient people have managed to elongate their heads is also easy and simple to understand and has nothing to do with visitors from other planets. Ancient Peruvians were tying up their babies’ heads before the fontanelles close, thus, the babies’ skulls became pear-shaped.

A recent study shows why the Ancient Peruvians had elongated skulls

If for the other ancient civilizations the reasons are not fully known, a recent study that emerged in the journal Current Anthropology has a viable theory regarding why the ancient Peruvians have adopted such a practice.

The study focused on the Collagua people’s elongated skulls. The Collagua civilization lived on the actual territory of Peru 1,000 years ago.

The researchers used carbon measurements and nitrogen isotope to depict what the “Collaguans” with elongated heads have had different from the others. Thus, it was revealed that the ancient Peruvians with elongated heads have eaten better and more varied foods in comparison with regular members of the Collagua society.

According to the study’s authors, this can be a sign that the ancient Peruvians with elongated skulls were, in fact, part of the royal family or descendants of the priests or other elites.

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