An Unusual UFO was Spotted by 2 Airliners from Arizona

An Unusual UFO was Spotted by 2 Airliners from Arizona

Last month, the state of Arizona witnessed one of the strangest phenomenon in its’ history. A UFO has been spotted in the skies above and experts consider this to be one of the clearest evidence that bizarre encounters could happen around us all the time. Although the event took place on February 24th in the airspace above Arizona, the audio produced during it was released online these days. Until recently, the FAA has been trying to find an explanation for the UFO’s presence above Arizona, what it is and whether it could cause any damage to local inhabitants. So far, they couldn’t come up with an answer for any of these questions, but are still looking into the matter.

How did the pilots notice the UFO?

It all started with a call made by the pilot of an airliner operated by Phoenix Air Group. He contacted the Air Traffic Control and reported having witnessed a phenomenon he couldn’t understand – the passing off a strange object. At first, they could only speculate, but minutes later, a second pilot, who was on board of an Airbus A321 reported having spotted the same unusual guest. This confirmed the fact that they are dealing with an UFO.

What is the possible explanation for this

Although these encounters raised a lot of question marks, the aviation authorities haven’t made any official statement about them. Until they can find an explanation for the UFO’s presence above Arizona, they don’t want to start a general hysteria among the population.

AFA representatives say that the UFO could be a high altitude water balloon, a civilian or military aircraft. Because the area is close to a military and air force facility, the unidentified object could be one of their training aircrafts or even clandestine airplanes that have been kept secret so far.

These theories could be true, but there are people who think that the strange presence could come from another planet. More information on the subject will be released soon.


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