An Artificial Pancreas from Tandem Can Help People with Type 1 Diabetes

An Artificial Pancreas from Tandem Can Help People with Type 1 Diabetes

There’s a clinical trial happening of an artificial pancreas system, which showed that it was able to do the current treatments for people that suffer from Type 1 diabetes. It helps them in maintaining the blood sugar levels through day and night.

If we link the Tandem Diabetes Care’s T: slim X2 insulin pump with Dexcom’s G6 glucose monitor, then the system would instantly deliver the hormone that’s based on sugar readings, without the actual need for fingersticks draws or the daily injections.

There’s a six-month trial, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, in which 168 participants take part. They are from the age of 14 to older, and the trial follows them in real-world settings.

They either get the artificial pancreas system, which is known as control-IQ, or they get a sensor of the pump and the CGM combination, which automatically adjust the insulin.

This research is looking for details on the trial sponsors’ perspective when it comes to offering a DTP option. It also seeks details about their awareness and understanding of the factors that might influence their ability to do so. The first 50 people who are qualified respondents will be rewarded with a $5 Amazon gift card.

The Control-IQ system is better at helping participants in keeping their glucose levels in a healthy range – 2.6 hours a day, in comparison with what it used to be at the start of the study. The control group had to gains in time.

Those who used the artificial pancreas didn’t have many moments with spiker or drops in their blood sugar in a 24-hour period, which would be a challenge for children who sleep or adults with Type 1 diabetes.

The artificial pancreas system has many amazing features that will improve glucose control, something that traditional methods cannot do.

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