Amazon Hides A Lot of History in the Form of Thousands of Ancient Structures

Amazon Hides A Lot of History in the Form of Thousands of Ancient Structures

A team of researchers led by Vinicius Peripato, a remote-sensing scientist from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, investigated traces of earthworks identified in an Amazonian area of 5,315 square kilometers in size. All the effort is thanks to LIDAR, a light-based radar system. The researchers discovered 24 previously undiscovered abnormalities in the soil during a single scan. These disturbances were of various forms, locations, and groupings that strongly suggested architectural origins.

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Researchers were able to get a better look beneath the forest canopy of the Amazon, where they discovered evidence of pre-Columbian habitation.

We detected a fortified village in southern Amazonia, defensive and ceremonial sites in southwestern Amazonia, crowned mountains and megalithic structures in the Guiana Shield, and riverine areas on flood plains in central Amazonia, stated the researchers.

The team looked in the southwestern part of the country and found some weird geometric patterns formed of soil, but they couldn’t find any roads nearby. That’s very remarkable. In the southern part of the Amazon, traces of a plaza town have been discovered in an area that is thought to have previously been inhabited by tens of thousands of people and interconnected by circuits of roadways that were comparable to those in ancient Europe.

In addition, by extrapolating the distribution of possible earthworks throughout the remainder of the Amazon, somewhere between 10,000 and 24,000 buildings might still be concealed beneath decades’ worth of silt, leaf litter, and growth of the surrounding forest. There is a possibility that remnants of a once-thriving ancient culture can still be found in the very structure of the environment that makes up the Amazon. The researchers believe that there may have been as many as 79 different types of cultivated trees throughout roughly 1,700 other areas of woodland, including a number of locations in close proximity to earthworks that have been excavated.

The Amazon could be more analogous to an untouched colossal garden that is waiting for the best gardening hands. Who knows what the researchers will uncover when they look at it further?


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