Alzheimer’s Society to Give Workshops which will Teach Caregivers how to Take Care of Their Loved Ones

Alzheimer’s Society to Give Workshops which will Teach Caregivers how to Take Care of Their Loved Ones

The human need for closeness is a critical and common piece of our lives. It’s likewise a thing that can be influenced when a relative lives with dementia. To help families whose relationships are affected by dementia, the non-benefit Alzheimer Society of B.C. conveys two workshops one month from now as a feature of its Dementia Dialogs arrangements.

“Coping with Changes in Behavior”

The first one in line, will take place on Tuesday, March 6 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Behaviour is an endeavour to communicate, as clarified by Meriel Randerson, one of the general public’s help and education co-ordinators for Greater Victoria. Be that as it may, understanding why a man living with dementia is behaving in a certain way surely can take some time in drawing conclusions.

The workshop enables families to address this difficulty by looking into a step-by-step strategy for solving this problem and applying it to ordinary situations that caregivers may experience.

You will have a calm attitude if you’re feeling surer that you can look after your relative in a steady way that lessens their stress and yours, also.

“Changes in Intimacy as Dementia Progresses”

The second workshop, which is called “happens on Monday, the 12th of March. It is just for couples of individuals living with Alzheimer‘ or different dementias.

The hour and a half session will help members who have seen that their feelings toward their loved one have changed with regards to intimacy. They may not be certain of what to state or how to react when it comes to this situation.

This workshop will investigate the effect that dementia has and how it influences a couple’s life together, and offer tips on the most proficient method to keep up intimacy in ways that regard their own particular emotions.


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