Allergies could be caused by the climate change

Allergies could be caused by the climate change

New studies show how dangerous climate change is and how much will be affected, because of its constant behavior. Many allergies resurface due to the change of the seasons, causing people a lot of troubles, from spring until winter.

We could clearly see how every year acts differently, affecting us in some ways we can imagine. If we don’t have autumn anymore, summer comes with some harsh changes to our environment, such as heat, more sunlight, more flowers and greenness, and more. All of these are huge reasons for some people to feel uncomfortable and actually develop an illness. These harsh variations also come with a huge growth of pollen.

Let’s talk about pollen and the way it makes us feel. Pollen can be sensed by many of us, causing us a running nose, continuously or watery eyes. This represents clearly a start of an allergic reaction which means that our immune system is highly attacked, producing also some symptoms which are similar to a cold, fever, watering eyes, running nose or trouble breathing.

Due to the high climate change, pollen seasons for trees and flowers have various start and end periods. Plant flowering, for example, depends on different environmental things, like a low temperature or humidity, meaning it became hard to really tell an exact start date for the pollen appearance. Pollen concentrations will always depend on the medium conditions that happen to be in the vicinity of the planet that makes it.

Climate change is troubling our planet very much, destroying flowering seasons, resulting in longer pollen periods. For everyone out there who is having a hard time with any kind of allergy, here are some advices in order to decrease the discomfort:

  • Go to a doctor and take an allergy test;
  • Be more careful about all the pollen concentrations in your city;
  • A shower or bath is very effective before your bedtime;
  • Use advanced products to filter your air in your house.

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