All Things Kratom – What to Expect From This Herb

All Things Kratom – What to Expect From This Herb

  1. What Is Kratom?

Kratom is essentially an herb that grows in the marshy regions of countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, etc. Basically the larger part of Southeast Asia.

The scientific name for Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa. And, while it has been studied since the 1940s, there is still a grave need for more in-depth research to fully unearth and understand this herb’s nature and true potential.

Let’s move on to what makes kratom so interesting. Well, historically speaking, the natives used it as an alternative to opioids as it helped them overcome addictions. Additionally, it had heavy usage as a natural pain reliever. The natives also used many kratom strains for its incredible energizing effects which allowed them to work hard effortlessly.

In modern times, kratom has found its place as an occasional recreational herb as well as a natural replacement to pharmaceutical pain pills. Some also use it as a replacement for coffee.

  1. How Is Kratom Taken?

There’s actually nothing fancy about how one can take kratom. Its consumption is pretty straightforward.

But, just to get it out, below are the different ways you can consume it:

Toss n Wash – Essentially, you take the kratom dosage (usually in powder form) and toss it on your tongue. Before it can settle down on the tongue, you wash it down with a drink of your choice. It can be water or some juice. Make sure not to use alcohol or any other substance with kratom. To buy quality kratom powder, you can visit Kratom Crazy.

As a capsule – This is the easiest way to consume kratom. This is also suggested for those who find kratom’s taste disgusting or simply off-putting. The capsule casing works wonderfully in masking that bitter taste of kratom. You don’t even realize you ate anything. Capsules tend to be a bit costly because they come pre-measured and prepackaged for you. Another benefit of the capsule is that if you know your dose, it eliminates the need for measuring the dose each time.

As a tea – This is a good choice for those who are looking for an alternative to their every day tea or coffee. Depending on the variety of strain you pick, make sure to consume kratom tea at the right time. For instance, if a strain is mildly sedative use it at night. For energizing strains, have it first thing in the morning.

  1. What Does Kratom Do?

Let it be known that all claims regarding kratom’s effects and benefits come mostly from anecdotal evidence and experiences shared by users. Not a whole lot of medical literature is available to stipulate the same. There’s only a little clinical information available on the internet, but all of that is promising.

Here’s what you can expect from kratom –

Energy – You can compare kratom’s energizing effects with caffeine rush. The fact that it belongs to the family of coffee should probably explain those effects.

Mild pain relief – Kratom has a special place as a natural pain reliever in folk medicine in the countries where it is grown. The same continues to remain the #1 reason behind kratom’s growing popularity and sales. Joint pain, menstrual cramps, sore muscles, most forms of chronic pains can be managed with right kratom strain (to a mild degree).

Mild euphoria – This is part of kratom’s implications as a recreational herb. It may make you feel elevated for some time (a couple of hours usually). Some people find themselves feeling more social, perky, and/or talking more. In others, it may induce a feeling of ‘sudden calmness’. The experience can vary from person to another.

Management of anxiety and depression – This is a promising area where kratom may prove to be of great usage. Some studies suggest kratom’s potential as a promising tool for the management of anxiety and depression. It is also good for those who have social anxiety as kratom may help them open up and talk to people more confidently.

Improved focus and sense of rejuvenation – Some tasks that require razor-sharp focus can be mentally draining. To that end, certain kratom strains can better you focus/concentration thus making mentally challenging tasks seem easier. An accompanying sense of rejuvenation can further perk you up.

  1. Is Kratom Legal?

If we talk about kratom’s legality in the U.S., then it’s largely legal except for 6 states where it is seen as a controlled substance. It’s Illegal to possess, sell, grow or use kratom in those states. They are Arkansas, Rhode Island, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, and Vermont.

Please note that even in the states where kratom is legal, certain counties have banned kratom. Therefore, do check before buying, selling, or consuming it.

Kratom is banned in most native countries where it grows naturally. Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries have also banned it.

5.Various Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Though kratom has very many varieties of strains, below are the most popular ones available in most stores –

  • Bali – Mildly euphoric.
  • Maeng Da – It has a combination of stimulating and energizing effects to offer.
  • Red Vein Kali – This is also mildly sedating.
  • Red Indo – This is similar to Red Kali and many traditional strains.  
  • Green Indo – This has both energizing and pain managing qualities/properties to offer.
  • Green Vein Kali – This particular strain is famous for its combination of pain-killer and stimulating properties.
  • White Vein Kali – This is more on the euphoric side of the spectrum.
  • White Vein Indo – This one is similar to red Indo, but with the added benefits of pain-relieving attributes.
  • Super Indo – Super Indo kratom strain is similar to Bali. However, the euphoric sensation is milder.
  • Super Green Malay – The effects are more on the stimulating side with slight euphoric sensation.

6.Kratom: Blessing in disguise or not?

One quick look at this page listing out kratom reviews directly by the users should tell you just how promising this herb is (provided it is used in the right manner under controlled environment).

However, since there’s a lack of substantial medical journals and clinical studies, it’s hard to stipulate those benefits as a mainstream holistic approach.

All and all, seeing all the mentions and stories around kratom, it appears to be a blessing for the most part. There’s a strong need for more research to unearth kratom in its entirely.


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