All about Anavar and its Side Effects in Women

All about Anavar and its Side Effects in Women

Let’s start with a little history lesson. You may be surprised to learn that Anavar was actually the brand name for an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that was released in the year 1962, by a company known as GD Searle & Co. The purpose behind its creation was to help people who had suffered an accident or were completely in bed, to help prevent muscle loss in their bodies. Staying in a hospital bed for a year can lead to significant muscle loss.

It didn’t take long for bodybuilders to learn about this steroid, and they soon began using it for muscle preservation during the cutting phase. Also, as anabolism increased, bodybuilders also used it to get stronger. What’s more, it also increased her physical performance.

Fast forward 6 years and a company known as Biotechnology General Corp was born in 1995. They released their own version of Oxandrolone, calling it Oxandrin. As BGC were the only oxandrolone producers on the market at the time, its price soared as they had the monopoly. It is a different matter that today there are many other companies that produce legal Oxandrolone and make it available to the market.

The famous magazine “Muscle Media 2000” decides to make an open publication about the steroid, giving an excellent rating to Anavar in relation to its benefit / lower risk of toxicity, this article allowed Anavar to be the most coveted oral steroid among athletes and bodybuilders For this epoch.

However, the price of oxandrolone is still high and it is counted among the most expensive steroids on the market. This is the reason why many people buy Anavar from Underground Labs (UGL). If you have been wondering where you can find Anavar for sale, then this is the right place.

Is Anavar a Safe Steroid?

You must have read in many forums that Anavar is one of the safest steroids and does not cause any negative side effects such as acne or baldness. That’s true. Anavar’s androgenic rating is only 24, which implies that there is a significantly lower chance of experiencing gynecomastia, male pattern baldness, or acne with its use. Another positive is that you don’t need to inject it like other steroids. However, it can be very taxing on the liver. So while it seems safe, since you may not suffer from those negative physical side effects, it is a powerful drug and one that you need to be very careful with.

Possible Side Effects of Oxandrolone

Used in low doses of 20 mg, it shows minimal interference with the natural production of testosterone and the use of other drugs such as Novaldex is not necessary. On the other hand, higher doses do cause testicular atrophy by inhibiting the natural production of testosterone.

The girls in their steroid cycles should not exceed doses higher than 100 mg/week (usually between 50 and 100 mg are used) for injectables, nor doses of 10 mg ED for orals (normally 5 – 10 mg). The female steroid cycle must be coupled with the menstrual cycle, starting at the precise moment, therefore it must be started on the first day immediately after the bleeding stops.

Its prolonged use can cause an increase in the ratio of LDL cholesterol (the bad one) to HDL cholesterol (the good one), thus increasing the risk of heart problems, especially in those people who already suffer from this type of problem without using this substance.

From this moment on, two controls should be carried out: a weekly control of the steroid cycle (from week 1 to 10, for example, in a 10-week cycle) and daily control of the menstrual cycle (from day 1 to day 28, a day or so, depending on the woman).

Day 1 of the menstrual cycle is considered the first day of bleeding, from there it is counted until the 28th, one more day or one day less depending on the woman. Following these indications, bleeding should occur during all months of the steroid cycle.

Anavar neither aromatizes nor converts to DHT, so it will not cause gynecomastia or, as already mentioned, fluid retention. If used for a long time, it presents liver toxicity, a problem present in practically all oral steroids, so its use is not recommended beyond 6 weeks, even so, care must be taken since it is a quite serious side effect.

The virilizing effects in women are practically non-existent if doses of 5 mg are used, in the case of using higher doses the chances of symptoms such as deepening of the voice, enlargement of the clitoris, or increased facial hair increase.


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