Alex Jones Says DOJ Is Investigating His 6 Year Old Daughter’s CAT

Alex Jones Says DOJ Is Investigating His 6 Year Old Daughter’s CAT

Alex Jones is fuming and announcing that the DOJ is investigating his 6-year-old daughter’s cat. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Alex Jones drops a mind-blowing report

Check out the following tweet that Jones shared:

Someone posted this message: “Free Speech is okay until (they) don’t like what you say. Then authoritarianism/tyranny is acceptable. If you don’t support every single American’s right to free speech … you should move to North Korea. And see what it’s really like.”

Alex Jones in the news

Alex Jones shared a video that will definitely break the Internet.

Here’s what Jones posted on X:
“Gen Flynn Responds to Netanyahu’s Leaked Plan to Ship Gaza War Refugees to Western Nations. Former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Michael Flynn gives his analysis of this extremely dangerous development and also calls out Netanyahu and the Israeli military leadership for clearly standing down during the Hamas attacks of October 7th.”

Someone commented: “No! Hell, no! You broke Gaza, Bibi—you bought it. NOBODY, most especially their Muslim neighbors, wants the Palestinians. Not Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, nobody. Why is that? As horrible as the situation in Gaza is, it’s NOT Europe’s or America’s duty to take them in. Qatar has taken in Hamas’ leadership—why not the rest of them?”

Stay tuned for more details about the crazy world we are living in.

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