Alex Jones Has Just Responded To The New Neuralink Success

Alex Jones Has Just Responded To The New Neuralink Success

The other day, we revealed the fact that Elon Musk is celebrating his Neuralink achievement. Now, Alex Jones exposes his opinion on the matter in a new video that he shared on X.

Alex Jones on the new Neuralink implant

Check out the video that Jones shared on his X account:

More people expressed their opinion that this is completely wrong, and, in the wrong hands, things could turn up really messy.

Someone posted the following message: “As a Catholic, the thought about implantable chips, I go straight to Mark of the Beast. ”

Another follower posted this message: “Alex, that is actually the sugarcoat, that is very sneaky move!!!! They tell you it is for medical purposes, no it is not!!! The goal is to create Bluetooth like connection between human brain and electronic equipments, like phone, computer and TV. To read what u r thinking, to connect with ur computer, and to experience 3D in gaming. But, if people agree to get implanted, why do we care! As long as it is not coming with mandate, that is his business.”

Musk implants “telepathy”

Elon Musk has shared an exciting update on his Neuralink project. The tech billionaire revealed that the startup has successfully implanted a brain chip into a human subject for the first time.

While Musk has not shared many details, he did mention that the recipient is “recovering well”. The announcement was made on X (previously known as Twitter).

Musk wrote on the social media platform that he purchased in 2022, “Initial results show promising neuron spike detection”. In this context, spikes refer to peaks of electrical activity generated by neurons.

However, it is still unclear at this stage what outcome the patient might expect or how successful the procedure has been.

Neuralink is developing a brain-computer interface implant with the aim of enabling humans to control devices solely through their thoughts. The company intends to help individuals suffering from paralysis to operate equipment that would facilitate their communication and movement.

Check out the following post Musk shared on his social media:

He also revealed the name of the product:

Stay tuned for more news.

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