Alarming Case Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Was Found At Myrtle Beach

Alarming Case Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Was Found At Myrtle Beach

Recently a terrible rumor has spread among the people from the city of Myrtle Beach. Some posts on social media show how a woman is taken with the helicopter to the UNC Medical Center because she stated that she came in contact with a dangerous bacterium that eats her flesh.

It appears that the flesh was attacked so badly that she needed a surgical intervention right away. Marsha Barnes Beal, the daughter of the victim, says that surgery was the only way to get rid of the dangerous bacteria which threatened the woman’s life.

So far neither the doctors, nor the Myrtle Beach City Government confirmed the fact that there might really be a killer bacterium near the beach but, after seeing Facebook post about the incident, the Myrtle Beach City Government claimed that the water is being tested twice a week and so far the results never showed any signs of suspicious bacteria wondering around.

But if they are able to identify properly the location and the date of the event they might suggest running more tests. From their further statements it is to understand the fact that they are willing to dig in deeper into the problem but they won’t trust only a Facebook post.

The only thing is that the post about the woman who came in contact with the dangerous bacterium reached over 50.000 shares.

The Department of Health officials advise people to clean any wound, even minor ones, in order to prevent other infections. Specialists think that the woman’s case could have something to do with bacteria like vibrio vulnificus, necrotizing cutaneous mucormycosis or necrotizing fasciitis which can lead to surgical interventions for amputation or even death. Most of them are found in coastal waters or rivers.

The infections are very dangerous. In U.S over 33 people died from Vibrio infections and this is why someone must really do something about the waters they live in.


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