AI Makes Non-Invasive Mind-Reading Possible

AI Makes Non-Invasive Mind-Reading Possible

It looks like we’re still down the road in which the latest tech innovations are blowing our minds. Check out the latest reports about this below.

AI makes non-invasive mind-reading possible 

A groundbreaking breakthrough has been achieved with the development of an AI-powered decoder that can non-invasively translate brain activity into a continuous stream of text. This decoder has the ability to accurately reconstruct speech as individuals listen to a story or even imagine one silently, using only fMRI scan data. Unlike previous language decoding systems that required surgical implants, this latest advance opens up new possibilities for restoring speech in patients who struggle to communicate due to conditions such as a stroke or motor neuron disease.

Dr Alexander Huth, a neuroscientist who led the work at the University of Texas at Austin, said: “We were kind of shocked that it works as well as it does. I’ve been working on this for 15 years … so it was shocking and exciting when it finally did work.”

It is noteworthy that a significant breakthrough has been made in the field of fMRI. This technology is known for its ability to accurately identify the specific location of brain activity with remarkable precision. However, a major limitation of fMRI is the time lag it experiences, making it impossible to track brain activity in real-time. Nonetheless, this limitation has been overcome through a recent achievement.

The lag exists because fMRI scans measure the blood flow response to brain activity, which peaks and returns to baseline over about 10 seconds, meaning even the most powerful scanner cannot improve on this. “It’s this noisy, sluggish proxy for neural activity,” said Huth.

This hard limit has hampered the ability to interpret brain activity in response to natural speech because it gives a “mishmash of information” spread over a few seconds.

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