Aggressive Rhetoric could Make Anti-Vaccines Activists turn their Backs on the Health System

Aggressive Rhetoric could Make Anti-Vaccines Activists turn their Backs on the Health System

Three years ago, Tara Hills, a Canadian mother of seven children, was totally against vaccines. She thought that immunization has a negative impact on children’s health and it could cause them a lot of trouble. As a result, she declared that she would never vaccinate any of her offspring.

Hills kept on to her idea so much that her story became viral. However, something made the worried mother change her mind and now she is sharing her experience for determining other anti-vax activists immunize their children.

Tara Hills thinks that aggressive polemics can drive people away From the health system

People from our society always had different opinions on crucial matters. Nonetheless, immunization is a matter of public health, because parents who refuse to vaccinate their children expose them and the others to dangerous threats.

The reasons why people refuse immunization can be the lack of information, social influence, the fear of becoming human Guinea pigs and more. According to Tara Hills, the pro-vax’s loud arguments are another reason which makes the conservatives resent vaccination even more.

The woman claims that a calm, clear and concise voice made the difference in her case. After talking to a mother from the pro-vaccines ”camp”, Tara Hills decided to reconsider her position and learn more about the impact of immunization on a child’s proper development.

After she looked deeper into the matter, this mother of seven became a pro-vax advocate. Three years have passed since Tara Hills switched sides. Now, she wants to be an inspiration for all those who fear that vaccines are not what the medical world claims. Recently, she was a delegate at the Canadian Immunization Conference and shared her experience to the public.

On the other hand, it’s kind of strange that a country like Canada has such a low immunization rate. Let’s hope that things will change, just like Tara Hills changed her mind about vaccines.


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