African Scientists Encouraged to Reach New Heights in Their Research

African Scientists Encouraged to Reach New Heights in Their Research

Last month Rwanda held the Next Einstein Forum conference where the main focus was put on encouraging young scientists to pursue their fields of interest. The people that organized the event went as far as to call it the largest gathering of scientists in the whole continent.

Here, a geneticist from South Africa named Vinet Coetzee presented her malaria scanner. She calls this invention affordable and non-invasive, thinking that it could best be used in the rural areas of Africa to scan the members of the community and therefore work towards a malaria free world.

Africa’s development

According to Advocator, It looks like a number of people have decided to share their thoughts on the path that they see Africa going towards. One of them, a chemistry professor from Nigeria is to store solar energy in hydrogen batteries, said quite poetically that Africa is on the path to becoming a bright continent. Bright in the sense that there are a number of people being encouraged to pursue science and that there is no discrimination between the genders, with more men than women in the field of scientific research, as there is in the States.

Perhaps the most important opinion on this subject is that of Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, who said that in order for a country to be prosperous, it need to have a lot of knowledge. In today’s society, knowledge translates into scientific discoveries that would help a country achieve a higher status.

It looks like media is also playing a role into this field, with the latest hero movie that came out, Black Panther, providing good social role models for women that want to become scientists. After all, this is the main goal right now: to encourage as many people as possible to pursue their dream career field so that Africa can become an incredibly prosperous continent.

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