A Woman is Suing a California Hospital after Suffering a C-section without Anaesthesia

A Woman is Suing a California Hospital after Suffering a C-section without Anaesthesia

It is said that mothers can endure every pain and sacrifice for their children and real-life experiences have proven that the saying is true. However, nobody can argue that births are traumatizing experiences for women. Even if the process is carried out naturally or by a C-section, mothers have a lot physical pain pending after they give birth.

When you get to hold your baby, you forget about every pain, but what if you had a C-section performed without anesthesia? Wouldn’t you feel that your baby’s life and yours might have been endangered and someone has to pay for all the caused pain?

Delphina Mota, a 26-year-old woman from California has gone through terrifying moments while giving birth to her daughter, Cali, six months ago. The mother claims that she was strapped down and had to endure an emergency cesarean section without anesthesia. Now, she and her fiancé are suing Tri-City Medical Centre from Oceanside and are accusing the staff of medical malpractice, battery and assault.

Is it malpractice or cruel intentions?

Everything started on November 15th, 2017, when Ms. Mota was more than 41 weeks pregnant. She started to worry, so her fiancé, Paul Iheanachor, took her to the Tri-City Medical Centre. Here, doctors induced her labor and the woman received an epidural.

Everything seemed to be working normally when Delphina’s blood pressure suddenly dropped and the baby’s heart rate couldn’t be found. At that moment, Dr. Sandra Lopez, her obstetrician, decided to perform an emergency C-section.

Despite the fact that she paged the anesthesiologist on call, Dr. David Seif, multiple times, Dr. Lopez couldn’t reach him. In this case, she had Delphina Mota strapped down and started performing the operation, even if the woman told her that she could feel every single cut and move the doctor was making inside.

Of course, nobody would like to go through something like that. Ms. Mota’s fiancé declared that he could hear her screaming and felt really terrified. Those who put the women he loves through all that should be punished according to the law.

The couple’s attorney said that it’s the first time when he handles such a case in 35 years of practice, but they have every chance of winning. The Medical Centre representatives declared that they cannot further comment since the litigation is still pending.


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