A Truck Full of Potatoes Was Stopped by a Hungry Elephant

A Truck Full of Potatoes Was Stopped by a Hungry Elephant

It is commonly known that being a truck driver is never easy, but this man who recently drove along a road in Eastern India was in for a surprise when his truck was stopped by a wild elephant who decided it is time for lunch. The driver was just doing his everyday job when the wild elephant approached the potato-loaded vehicle in order to check the goods. A few seconds after stopping, he noticed the elephant’s trunk hungrily checking inside the truck and starting eating the potatoes.

The event did not go unnoticed and bystanders captured the whole moment in a video. Other people tried different tactics and strategies in order to make the elephant go away and help the driver carry on with his job, but the continuous shouting from the audience did not stop the Asian Elephant to indulge in the delicious potatoes, the animal being more concerned with the food than the people and truck driver who were trying their best to put an end to the amusing situation. The elephants are known to generally have a stubborn nature, so the fact it did react to what was happening around is no surprise.

However, despite the hilarious nature of the event, there is a less fortunate side of the whole story. This phenomenon is in reality caused by habitat fragmentation and habitat loss, because it is not natural that wild elephants get out of their comfort zone and come into contact with people.  This phenomenon started to become more and more frequent and points out a saddening truth.

The bright side of the story is that no one was hurt during the event; the Asian Elephant satisfied its hunger and returned to his habitat, while people who took part in the whole scene were unharmed and shared a good laugh. However, there are some cases were the contact between people and elephants do not go as well as this one.

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