A Time Warp Might have been Found by Paranormal Researcher Outside Las Vegas

A Time Warp Might have been Found by Paranormal Researcher Outside Las Vegas

Humanity has always been fascinated by paranormal activity and over the years many people have tried to figure out what’s behind it. Now, a researcher described as paranormal says that he thinks he might have discovered a time warp outside Las Vegas. If his words are true, he could be the first man who actually found something like this after millennia of hard work and studies in the area.

What does a time warp mean?

Until now, time warps were science fiction movies material. When we think about them, we can imagine a fast journey in outer space or even through time. Thanks to it, people and objects can travel in different centuries. Many brilliant minds have tried to discover ways of visiting lost civilizations, but so far nobody managed to make the amazing step.

Nowadays, time seems to have slowed down for 20 microseconds

But what’s the deal with this time warp anyway? This is a fair question, because we find hard to believe that someone can see time slowing down. However, Joshua Warren, a former star of Paranormal Paparazzi claims that he watched the time passing slower for a very short period.

The event happened last week when he was measuring the rate of time passing throughout Southern Nevada. According to Warren, the desert holds a spot in the northern part of Las Vegas’ outskirts and here he saw how the time slowed down for 20 microseconds. The researcher added that he even recorded the measurement with a DT meter, an instrument invented by Ron Heath, an engineer from Silicon Valley.

Future plans

So far, Warren didn’t manage to realise what’s behind this phenomenon. However, he is planning to continue investigating the matter around Nevada and discover what could have caused the anomaly: a gateway towards another world, unidentified technology or some extraterrestrial presence.

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